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Managed Services


Managed Services

Are Operational Tasks Slowing Down Your Innovation? The Solution: Managed Services

In the fast-paced world of business, many companies face the challenge of making slow progress in innovation and development of key product and service features. This obstacle often arises due to the burden of tasks such as maintaining the base infrastructure, managing backups and restores, as well as the lack of effective delegation of responsibilities. This scenario leaves development teams busy with operational activities and distanced from their true creative potential.

The solution to these challenges lies in the implementation of Managed Services, carried out by experts in technology, infrastructure, development and process automation. By relying on specialized professionals, companies can free their internal teams to focus on innovation, accelerate development and stay ahead in an ever-changing competitive market. Adopting Managed Services not only optimizes operational efficiency, but also allows companies to focus on what they do best: offering innovative solutions and excelling in the delivery of differentiated products and services.

Smart Services

Tailored service for companies that want to get the maximum benefit from the Cloud. Our technicians implement an advanced administration, dedicating pre-established times to achieve an improvement of the infrastructure, based on performance optimization and cost reduction.

During each stage of the project we provide support and advice, ensuring that from design and migration, to implementation and subsequent operation, we apply the necessary recommendations to obtain all the advantages of Cloud services, in development and production environments.

During this process, Nubity implements best practices such as autoscale, automation and serverless in all cases where required, significantly improving the client's traditional infrastructure.


Agile Services

Our technicians plan tasks and timely resolve the most frequent failures or incidents at the level of instances, cloud services, servers, base software and applications, providing a transparent follow-up through tickets and chats generated from our platform.

Specialists receive monitoring alerts of the infrastructure and services used, acting in a timely manner to solve the most diverse problems. The service covers the client's requirements to carry out implementations, upgrades and maintenance requests.

Nubity Agile gives companies access to a team of cloud technology specialists and various middleware and database stacks to help them resolve any incidents that arise in the operation, ensuring business continuity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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What are the main advantages of using managed cloud services, such as those offered by Nubity?
Managed cloud services, such as those provided by Nubity, offer key advantages such as performance optimization, cost reduction and access to a team of specialists who are responsible for maintaining and improving the company's technology infrastructure. In addition, best practices such as autoscale, automation and serverless are applied to enhance the customer's traditional infrastructure.
How does Nubity ensure business continuity and timely problem resolution in its Agile services?
Nubity Agile ensures business continuity by providing access to a team of cloud, middleware and database technology specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Technicians plan tasks, resolve frequent failures and respond to incidents at the instance, cloud services, server, base software and application levels. Transparent follow-up is done through tickets and chats generated from the platform, and customer deployments, upgrades and maintenance requests are addressed.
How does Nubity's Smart service differ from other managed cloud services?
Nubity's Smart service differentiates itself by offering personalized attention for companies looking to get the most out of the cloud. Technicians implement advanced management with pre-set timelines to improve infrastructure, focusing on performance optimization and cost reduction. Throughout all stages of the project, from design to operation, Nubity provides support and advice, implementing best practices such as autoscale, automation and serverless as needed to enhance the customer's traditional infrastructure.