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Cloud Native Applications


Cloud Native Applications

Are your technology applications slowing down progress? The key to innovation is in the cloud.

Many businesses are currently facing the constant challenge of dealing with monolithic technology applications and developments. These solutions, often slow and difficult to decouple for analysis and debugging, create significant obstacles on the road to technological innovation. This stagnation leaves them lagging behind the competition, which is advancing by leaps and bounds in the digital transformation landscape.

To overcome this obstacle, an effective solution lies in cloud-native applications, which enable greater agility, flexibility and efficiency in the development and deployment of advanced technologies. These applications, designed specifically for cloud environments, offer enterprises a faster and more effective path to modernization and adoption of disruptive innovations.

Companies migrating from an on-premises environment to the cloud must rethink their infrastructure. Infrastructure is spread across multiple IT environments, while applications are distributed to support an enterprise's digital transformation.

In such a distributed and complex IT environment, it is essential that enterprise architects, CIOs and business leaders gain an automated and comprehensive overview of the enterprise infrastructure and applications.

As infrastructure progressively moves to the cloud, enterprises need to understand not only the business value of developing and deploying Cloud Native applications, but also how to address the strategic challenges of managing IT in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

We’re Here to Help You

How can our enterprise get an automated and complete overview of our infrastructure and applications in a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environment?
In a distributed environment, essential for digital transformation, Cloudity offers solutions that enable enterprise architects and leaders to gain an automated and complete overview of the enterprise infrastructure and applications, facilitating management in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.
What are the key benefits of migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud using cloud-native applications?
La migración a través de aplicaciones nativas en la nube garantiza estabilidad y escalabilidad. Utilizando Saas y personalizaciones, se simplifican operaciones. Además, la implementación de medidas de seguridad desde el desarrollo hasta la implementación asegura aplicaciones seguras y fiables.
How does Nubity simplify cloud development and what services does it offer to ensure an efficient implementation?
Nubity offers flexible, cloud-native development tailored to specific needs. With cloud architectures, customized solutions and a CI/CD approach, we ensure scalability, deployment efficiency and security measures from the core of development. In addition, we implement cloud-based applications, bridging the gap between SaaS offerings and customer requirements.

Secure, scalable and reliable applications

Migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud is made possible by deploying stable and scalable cloud-native applications. The combination of SaaS offerings and custom deployments significantly simplifies operations. By using cloud authentication providers, users can access applications from anywhere, even from outside the VPN.

Flexible development

Our development team adapts to your requirements.


All our solutions complement and grow thanks to cloud architectures.


We take your projects to the cloud according to your needs.


Keep your operation always up and running thanks to scaling automation in the cloud.


As your application changes, they will be reflected thanks to a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deploy flow.


All security measures are built in from the core of development.

Deployment of cloud-based applications, tailored to your requirements

The cloud is an excellent foundation for secure application hosting. We implement cloud-native applications that are based on microservices architectures, that augment Internet-facing websites or enhance intranet applications. In this way, we bridge the gap between the SaaS offerings of the major cloud providers and the requirements of our customers.

Amazon Lambda: Don’t worry about the infrastructure, worry about the efficiency of your code.

Modernizing or launching your applications in the cloud, should not be a complex task, that is why AWS has the AWS Lambda service, in which the infrastructure layer is eliminated, and developers focus on writing scalable, reproducible and efficient code, on the premise of interoperability with AWS cloud services such as API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, among others, with which connections and deployment of new resources can be automated and even run in different regions of the world.

Our services

Nubity’s portfolio of services meets individual business requirements and offers industry-leading solutions for your organization.

  • Consulting
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Administration and support
  • Continuous improvement