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Business Intelligence & AI


Business Intelligence & AI

Are you making the most of your resources or are they being diluted in repetitive tasks?

In today's era, businesses face significant challenges that affect their operational efficiency and profitability. Laborious and complex processes consume valuable resources, while repetitive tasks absorb time and effort that could be devoted to more strategic activities.

Faced with this problem, the key answer lies in the adoption of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. These emerging technologies not only enable process automation, but also provide deep analytical insights, transforming decision making and unlocking the potential for companies to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Empowering your Applications and Workflows with Pre-trained Intelligence

Discover how Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can power your business into the future. With BI & AI, you don't need machine learning skills to add intelligence to your applications. Explore our pre-trained AI solutions that integrate easily, offering use cases from personalized recommendations to enhanced security, without the need for machine learning expertise.

Feature set

  • Artificial Vision:

Analyzes images and videos, automates workflows and extracts meaning from multimedia content.
Detects defects, automates inspections and improves quality control.
Uses machine vision at the edge for automated monitoring and operations improvement.

  • Automated Data Extraction and Analysis:

Extracts text and data at high speed from millions of documents.
Acquires valuable information from unstructured text with natural language processing.
Controls quality by adding human review to the process.

  • Language AI:

Creates chatbots and virtual agents to improve customer service.
Automates speech recognition to improve applications and workflows.
Convert text to real speech to improve user experience.

  • Improve Customer Experience:

Find accurate information quickly with natural language.
Personalize online experiences using machine learning.
Interact with audiences in all languages with fast and accurate translation.

  • Business Metrics:

Forecasts business metrics using unique and time-series data.
Detects online fraud using market-leading technology.
Identifies data anomalies, such as unexpected changes in revenue and customer retention.

  • Code and DevOps:

Improves application availability and simplifies operational performance measurement.
Performs automated code reviews to detect bugs and assess critical issues.
Optimizes application performance by eliminating costly and inefficient code through runtime behavioral analysis.

  • Industrial AI:

Detects abnormal machine conditions by analyzing sensor data.
Provides a comprehensive predictive maintenance system with sensors, gateway, anomaly detection and end-user application.

  • Healthcare:

Securely stores and analyzes healthcare data for a complete view of a patient's medical history.
Extracts health data accurately and quickly from unstructured medical text.

Benefits of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises

Discover how the combination of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can drive efficiency, accuracy and innovation in your enterprise. From operational improvements to experience personalization, our services offer significant benefits without requiring deep machine learning expertise.


Ask for more

Do I need advanced knowledge in machine learning to use Business Intelligence and AI services?
No, our solutions are designed to be accessible even without machine learning expertise. You can easily integrate pre-trained intelligence into your applications and workflows.
How do the solutions benefit my company in terms of security and quality?
Our solutions address common use cases, such as improving security, automating fraud detection and ensuring quality through advanced analytics.
How can I personalize experiences for my users?
With our customer experience services powered by AI & BI, you can leverage machine learning to personalize applications and websites based on your users' individual preferences, improving customer satisfaction.