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Cloud Contact Center


Cloud Contact Center

How to Improve Consistency and Efficiency by Centralizing Data from Chat, Telephony, Social Networks and More?

One of the most significant challenges for the companies lies in the centralization of data from various sources, such as chat, telephony, social media and other channels. The complexity of managing this multiplicity of data can hinder the efficiency and quality of customer service, as well as strategic decision making. The need to integrate and analyze information from different customer touch points has become crucial to deliver more personalized experiences and improve operational efficiency.

Faced with this scenario, the adoption of a cloud contact center emerges as a comprehensive solution. By moving operations to the cloud, companies can consolidate their data efficiently, allowing a more agile and effective management of information from various sources. This not only optimizes customer service, but also facilitates the implementation of more accurate strategies based on precise data analysis.

Unlike traditional call centers, cloud contact centers use state-of-the-art technology to enable remote work, turning call centers into omnichannel contact centers.

To turn a call center into an omnichannel contact center, we use Amazon Connect and Amazon Quicksight technology, services that allow you to connect and create flows to maintain communication between the company and its customers in a friendly way, with the help of bots in chats or voice calls and a powerful business intelligence service (BI) serverless and Cloud-Native.

Nubity supports the most advanced cloud technology, powered by automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Solutions thanks to which support centers can stay up and running despite the distance.


Having the ability to maintain data flows from different sources, integrated into a complete solution is one of the greatest advantages of modern Cloud Contact Centers. Amazon Connect makes it easy to create, automate and integrate flows such as CRM, calls, chats, forms, databases, etc. and generate value from an end-to-end solution.


Amazon Quicksight is the most powerful Business Intelligence tool on the market, allowing you to take data obtained from different sources and give them the presentation and processing required for all members of the organization to understand the data naturally and make objective and informed decisions effectively.

Benefits of Contact Centers in the cloud

In Nubity we know that keeping the connection with customers is one of the most important points to maintain even in times of crisis, that is why, together with Amazon Web Services we have implemented omnichannel Contact Centers.


Keep your contact center running even when you're out of the office. Support with personalized experiences and contact humans only when necessary.

Savings of up to 80%

Reduce operational costs as you only pay for the time your contact center is in use, plus there are no minimum or maximum fees associated with it.

Continuity in case of emergencies

Your contact center in the cloud does not require constant maintenance and attention, so it will continue to operate and connect your contacts remotely, regardless of contingencies.


Scale depending on the situation and the complexity of the customer's query. Likewise, support agents can be contacted if necessary, anywhere in the world.

More efficient communication and decision making

From contact centers we can maintain communication with customers, as well as improve the productivity of the agents who operate the phone lines, since tools such as Amazon Polly or Amazon Lex, allow voice and text bots to take calls, attend to customers and, if necessary, contact a human agent.

Additionally, an onmichannel Contact Center allows real-time reporting of what happens in each call or action that is executed, which can be analyzed through Amazon Quicksight dashboards.


We’re Here to Help You

How does the cloud solution ensure the security and privacy of our customers' data?
The cloud solution implements advanced security protocols, such as end-to-end encryption and stringent access controls. In addition, it undergoes regular audits to meet industry security and privacy standards.
What is the scope and flexibility of the platform to adapt to our specific needs and future business changes?
The cloud platform is highly scalable and customizable, allowing it to adjust to the specific needs of each company. Its modular design facilitates the integration of new functionality and easily adapts to changes in scale and operational requirements.
How does the solution integrate with our existing tools and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless operational continuity?
The solution integrates seamlessly with existing tools and systems through APIs and integration standards. A detailed migration plan is made to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing any impact on day-to-day operations.