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Cloud Migration


Cloud Migration

What is the price of ignorance in the technological migration to the cloud?

There's a critical challenge for the today's companies: the imperative need to migrate their applications, websites and technological developments to more resilient and robust platforms, such as the cloud. This change not only responds to technological evolution, but also to the demand for an infrastructure capable of adapting quickly to market changes. However, lack of knowledge about how these new platforms work is a significant obstacle, slowing down innovation and weakening the competitiveness of these organizations.

The gap between technological reality and the knowledge needed to take full advantage of it thus becomes a crucial challenge that companies must address in order to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and digitized business environment.

Nubity helps companies to adopt cloud services, to adapt to changes, be dynamic, scale, be prepared to grow, innovate and make a leap in quality in technology with the support of the cloud and services of Amazon Web Services.

Nubity accelerates your organization's journey to the cloud using Amazon Web Services' Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), in which we provide the methodology to help our customers develop an effective plan for their journey to the cloud.

Thanks to CAF at Nubity we are able to provide business insight, technology stack analysis and customer application information. Nubity identifies each customer's application and develops a plan and strategy for a successful migration to the cloud.

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How can Nubity help my company migrate to the cloud successfully?
Nubity accelerates the adoption of cloud services through the AWS CAF Adoption Framework, providing an effective methodology for the cloud journey. We identify applications, develop strategic plans and execute successful migrations with advanced methodologies tailored to providers such as Amazon Web Services.
What information does the Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) collect and how does it benefit my company?
The MRA assesses six key pillars, including Business, Platform, People, Governance, Operations and Security, providing a detailed understanding of your company's readiness for migration. Nubity guides through a 5-step methodology from strategy to optimization, considering cloud tools and services.
What are the migration strategies that Nubity uses and how do they fit my specific project needs?
Nubity employs the six R's of successful cloud migration: Re-host, Re-platform, Re-architect, Re-purchase, Retire and Retain. These strategies are tailored to the client's individual needs, minimizing the impact on the operation and ensuring a customized and efficient migration.

Nubity assists its clients in the difficult migration process with advanced and adapted methodologies for providers such as Amazon Web Services.

Migration Methodology

Through the MRA (Migration Readiness Assessent), our specialists gather information that will be used to determine which type of migration is best suited to each client’s project.

The MRA collects information on six main pillars: Business, Platform, People, Governance, Operations and Security. Depending on the value of each of these pillars within the company, it can be determined how ready the company is for cloud migration.

Nubity guides companies through a methodology that contemplates the bases of the MRA and 5 steps to execute from strategy, planning, design, migration and finally optimization. This process takes into account, in addition to the MRA, the tools and services offered by the cloud to which the infrastructure will be migrated.

Migration strategies

Each project and each client has different needs, which is why there are strategies that vary according to the project. The six R’s of a successful migration to the cloud are strategies that take into account the specific needs of the client and seek to cause the least impact on its operation.

  • Re-host
  • Re-platform
  • Re-architect
  • Re-purchase
  • Retire
  • Retain

Some of the benefits of using cloud services vs. a traditional server are as follows:

  • Scalability
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Pay-per-use only
  • Security
  • High availability