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Cost Evaluation


Cost Evaluation

Are Your Financial Resources at Risk? The Urgent Need to Evaluate Technology Costs.

Lack of visibility into the expenses associated with their technology investments is a common challenge nowadays. This lack of knowledge leads to excessive costs, especially when it comes to cloud infrastructure management. Lack of efficient cost management practices can result in inefficient allocation of financial resources, negatively affecting performance and profitability.

To overcome this obstacle, a cost assessment service led by technology experts has emerged as a solution. This practice not only provides a clear view of the associated expenses, but also guides companies towards a more efficient use of their financial resources allocated to technology, thus allowing them to optimize their investment and achieve optimal performance.

Extensive service workloads such as databases and always-on machines could bring unnecessary financial burden to your company. Nubity has the solution to that.

When using the cloud to host your applications and systems, it is important to understand how the billing model works and how you can optimize your costs. The cloud allows you to replace fixed costs (such as data centers and physical servers) with variable costs and pay only for resources as you use them. There are several different billing dimensions, depending on the type of resource you use. These can range from the amount of time a resource is running, the amount of data being stored, transferred or processed, or the number of API invocations performed.

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How can Nubity help my company optimize cloud-related costs and avoid unnecessary financial burdens?
Nubity offers Cost Evaluation solutions that enable you to understand and optimize the costs associated with the cloud. Through intelligent resource management and efficient use of cloud instances, we help reduce fixed costs, allowing you to pay only for the resources you use.
What are the cloud billing dimensions and how can I optimize my costs according to the type of resource I use?
The cloud has different billing dimensions based on runtime, amount of data stored or processed, and frequency of API invocations. Nubity helps you understand these dimensions and optimize your costs, allowing you to save up to 75% on your cloud billing.
How can Nubity Task Scheduler contribute to the efficient management of cloud instances and optimize costs?
Nubity Task Scheduler makes it easy to manage cloud instances by enabling control of power on, power off, restart and even deletion with a few clicks. This intelligent management capability helps save costs by ensuring that resources are used efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenses and optimizing cloud billing.

Save up to 75% on your cloud billing.

Manage powering on, shutting down, restarting and even deleting your cloud instances with a couple of clicks.

Nubity Task Scheduler

Implementation of best practices

The optimization of resources in the cloud brings benefits such as cost reduction, thanks to the payment only for consumption and the decoupling of oversized resources in instances dedicated to a service or even microservices or functions that do not require a server.