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DevOps Practices

Is Your Company Stuck in Inefficiency? Solutions to Streamline Technology Delivery.

Many companies face a common challenge that threatens their agility and competitiveness: the complexity and slow delivery of technology solutions. This problem, to a large extent, is a consequence of organizations that operate inefficiently, trapped in obsolete methodologies that trigger laborious and uncoordinated processes. This stagnation not only affects the ability to respond to market demands, but also has a negative impact on the quality of the products and services offered.

The solution to this problem lies in the implementation of DevOps methodologies, an approach that merges development and operations to promote collaboration, automation and agility, paving the way for faster, more efficient and competitive delivery of technology solutions.

Nubity has a team of specialized technicians, with varied experience in DevOps methodologies.

To simplify provisioning, code deployment, infrastructure management, release process automation and performance monitoring of your application.

Nubity helps its customers implement and develop the following practices:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Microservices
  • Continuous delivery
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Monitoring

Nubity assists in minimize the operational risks of deployments and releases to production by the implementation and management of Continuous Integration Software.

This reduces the time developers spend on infrastructure, so they can focus on improving code quality.

We encourage the use of microservices and containers to support a DevOps environment, where automation is its fundamental pillar, using various practices and technologies:

Infrastructure project management

  • Analysis, optimization and automation through scripting
  • Planning, Design and Development, Deployment and Maintenance.

Consulting, implementation and administration

  • Serverless platforms (FaaS): AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions.
  • Container orchestration systems: Kubernetes, Openshift, Swarm, Mesos, ECS, EKS.

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What are the key DevOps practices that Nubity promotes and helps implement in its services?
Nubity specializes in helping its customers implement several key DevOps practices, including continuous integration, microservices, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, and monitoring. Its team of technicians with expertise in DevOps methodologies simplifies provisioning, code deployment, infrastructure management, release process automation, and application performance monitoring.
How does Nubity contribute to reduce operational risks during deployments and production releases by implementing Continuous Integration Software?
Nubity assists in the implementation and management of Continuous Integration Software, which minimizes operational risks associated with deployments and production releases. This is achieved by automating processes, which in turn reduces the time developers spend on infrastructure. By minimizing risk and optimizing workflow, developers can focus on improving code quality.
What technologies and automation practices does Nubity support to build a robust DevOps environment?
Nubity supports a robust DevOps environment by promoting the use of microservices and containers. Its approach is based on automation as a fundamental pillar, using a variety of practices and technologies. This includes infrastructure project management through analysis, optimization and automation via scripting. In addition, they offer consulting, implementation and management of Serverless (FaaS) platforms such as AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, as well as container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, Openshift, Swarm, Mesos, ECS and EKS.