Managed Services

by jfiore

Managed Services

Having resources with the technical skills to manage and administer their infrastructure, offering 24-hour coverage, is a problem for most companies.

Nubity provides the tools and a team of specialists to maintain the operation of the technologies that support your business.

Smart Services

Customized service for companies that want to get the maximum benefit from the Cloud. Our technicians implement an advanced management, dedicating pre-set times to achieve an improvement of the Infrastructure, based on performance optimization and cost reduction.

During each stage of the project, support and advice is provided, ensuring that from design and migration, to implementation and subsequent operation, the necessary recommendations are applied to obtain all the advantages of the Cloud services, in development and production environments.


During this process Nubity implements best practices such as autoscale, automation and serverless in all cases required, significantly improving the client’s traditional infrastructure.




Agile Services

Our technicians plan tasks and timely resolve failures or incidents more frequent at the level of instances, cloud services, servers, base software and applications, providing a transparent monitoring, through tickets and chats that are generated from our platform.


The specialists receive monitoring alerts of the infrastructure and services used, acting in a timely manner to solve the most diverse problems. The service covers the client’s requirements to carry out implementations, updates and maintenance requests.

Nubity Agile gives companies access to a team of cloud technology specialists and various middleware and database stacks, to help them resolve any incidents that may arise in the operation, ensuring business continuity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Middleware stacks