by jfiore


The use of traditional processes of development and implementation of applications, makes companies too slow.

Nubity has a team of specialized technicians, with varied experience in DevOps methodologies.

To simplify provisioning, code implementation, infrastructure management, automation of publishing processes and monitoring of your application’s performance.
Nubity helps its clients to implement and develop the following practices

Continuous Integration


Continuous Delivery

Infrastructure as code


Nubity assists in the implementation and management of Continuous Integration Software, which helps to minimize operational risks of deploys and outputs to production.

This reduces the time developers spend on infrastructure, so they can focus on improving the quality of the code.

We encourage the use of microservices and containers to support a DevOps environment, where automation is the mainstay, using various practices and technologies:

Management of infrastructure projects

  • Analysis, optimization and automation through scripting

  • Planning, Design and Development, Implementation (Deployment) and Maintenance

Consulting, implementation and management

  • Serverless platforms (FaaS): AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions.

  • Container Orchestration Systems: Kubernetes, Openshift, Swarm, Mesos, ECS, EKS.