Cloud Contact Center

by Josué Beltrán

Cloud Contact Center

A cloud-based contact center is the intelligent solution that automates your company's internal communication and telephone business processes with artificial intelligence, with the power of Amazon Web Services.


Unlike traditional call centers, cloud-based contact centers use state-of-the-art technology to enable remote work, turning call centers into all-round contact centers.

In order to convert a call center into an onmichannel contact center, we use Amazon Connect technology, with which it is possible to connect and create flows that allow communication between the company and its customers in a friendly way, with the help of bots in chats or voice calls.

Nubity supports the most advanced cloud technology, powered by automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Solutions thanks to which support centers can keep working despite the distance.


Cloud-powered technology allows a call to be picked up by a robot, hold a conversation and, if necessary, route the call to a human.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AWS technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning allow support centers to provide personalized experiences and make attention as humane as possible.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centers

At Nubity we know that maintaining the connection with our clients is one of the most important points to maintain even in times of crisis, which is why, together with Amazon Web Services we have implemented omnichannel contact centers.


Keep your contact center running even if you are not in the office. Support with personalized experiences and contact humans only when necessary.

Savings of up to 80%.

Reduce operating costs since you will only pay for the time your contact center is used, plus there are no minimum or maximum fees.

Continuity in emergencies

Your cloud-based contact center does not require constant maintenance and attention, so it will continue to operate and connect to your contacts remotely, regardless of contingencies.


Scale depending on the situation and complexity of the client’s inquiry. Similarly, support agents can be contacted if necessary, anywhere in the world.

Communication and automation on a global scale

From the Contact Centers we can maintain communication with customers, as well as improve the productivity of the agents who operate the phone lines, since tools such as Amazon Polly or Amazon Lex, allow voice and text bots to take calls, attend to customers and if necessary, contact a human agent.

Another great benefit of an on-microphone contact center is the visibility and real-time reporting of what is happening in each call, which can be observed through the Amazon Connect panels.

Success stories

Amazon Mexico

Customer service and performance measurement powered by AWS Connect

Amazon MX had an external call center and they decided to take over the operation internally to be closer to their customers.


Increased operational efficiency and more humane communication with AWS Connect

With an MPLS that connects its onpremise components with its sales infrastructure that Barcel has distributed throughout Mexico.


Ricolino enhanced its contact center, security, and reliability with AWS Connect.


Its Contact Center connects its infrastructure with its entire sales force, so that Ricolino maintains its distribution.